If Stephen Fry Jumped Off a Bridge, Would You?

Yes.  Metaphorically speaking.

Let me explain.  I saw a post in my RSS reader from Mr. Fry’s website that said “Bungee Jumping Madness.”  I finally got a chance to check it out last night & found a video of Mr. Stephen Fry bungee jumping off a bridge.  As I watched Mr. Fry leap over the edge of the bridge into a chasm surrounded by amazing scenery, I thought to myself, “If Stephen Fry can bungee jump, anything is possible.”  Or to be more specific, if an urbane, philosophical British gentleman can do something so reckless & daring, so can anyone.

When the video ended, I thought about my resolve last year to make my 30th year an age where I sought out new experiences.  For the most part, I’ve been pretty happy with what I had accomplished.  I started remembering my surfing adventure & thinking, “That’d be great to do again.  Or trying bungee jumping.  Or going back to New Mexico & standing in the middle of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge without having a panic attack.  Or finally taking horseback riding lessons.”

As I started listing all the daunting physical feats I wanted to take on, something stopped me.  I remembered the quote I had posted in January from Neil Gaiman’s New Year’s wishes: “Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it.”  I thought about the goals I was really anxious about: taking the GRE, completing a grad school application & sending it in, submitting an essay to a lit journal, introducing myself to a stranger, trying to better the difficult relationships in my life.  All obstacles as imposing to me as a high platform over a beautiful, dangerous chasm.

Mr. Fry’s bold bungee adventure is inspiring, especially to a bookish little Southern girl like me.  Instead of rushing off to find my local skydiving class, though, I think it’s time for me to jump the bridges I’ve built up inside.  Thanks for sharing your experience, sir, & congratulations on taking the big plunge.


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  1. You, inspire me, Elizabeth, to take on new adventures and experience life more fully than I ever have before. I’m working on my life list too. 🙂

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