Merry Black Mass

Winter: the single best time to get out the white concealer & non-dance to “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”  Everything is dark & cold & futile.  And dead.  Don’t forget, death is the reason for the season.  With that said, what better song to add to your holiday playlist than Unto Ashes’ cover of “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”

Yeah, if you couldn’t tell, the whole seasonal affective disorder has its claws in me.  I’m fighting it by giggling over this video:

And by getting more research done on a big writing project, which absolutely required me to download the soundtrack to David Fincher’s “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”  I’ll blog about that album some more when my biology decides to stop dragging me down into the Swamps of Sadness.  Until then, NPR had a great interview with Mr. Reznor here.  Keep warm, people.