Domestic Goddess Overdrive

Just before Thanksgiving, my brain suddenly was filled with sparks & to-do lists, driven by the intent to catalog everything in my house.  This urge is pretty typical for me this time of year.  Just before the new year rolls around, something in me panics & starts cleaning like a madwoman.

The end of year cleaning tradition started with just straightening my room and going through my clothes while I was still living at home.  But now that I live on my own, my mad domestic goddess powers have expanded to Lysoling every surface, rearranging the furniture and not leaving a single bag of trash in the house before the clock strikes midnight on the new year.

The truth is that I love cleaning in a way that some people might think is a little unhealthy.  I love planning out room by room what I’m going to do.  I love pulling the couch apart to vaccum every corner or getting on my knees to scrub the floor or the tub completely clean.  The overall effort is wonderfully tiring.  But the complete sense of control & order is what makes me really the happiest.

And yes, sometimes I do wonder if I’ve missed my calling as a housekeeper.

Thankfully, the cleaning muses have visited me early this year so since December began I’ve been slowly knocking things off my two page list.  Getting rid of old linens, scrubbing the cabinet doors, mopping the floors.  My big goal will be getting all of the various papers in my study organized or filed away.  Not just vital records & bank statements, but articles I keep, pictures I cut out for collages, that sort of thing.  There is a bit of a fire hazard in my study at the moment.

I just wish this kind of focus could be easier to summon for writing or biking, but you do what you can I guess.