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Booze Bakery!

Let me open this post with one of my favorite Kids in the Hall sketches:

With that clip in mind, I would like to confess that I love baking with booze.  When I found a Irish Creme cake here, I had to do the Kathies proud.  I still make the cake for parties & when I get a compliment about it, I think about the sketch that started it all.  So, it should come as no surprise to you how excited I was when my husband brought me home this tantalizing book:

I'm so in love. . .

I’m determined to make every cake listed.  My first attempt was the Sweet and Salty Nut-Roll Torte, but the result was less than perfect.  The main problem I ran into was over-beating the egg whites.  Making meringue in general fills me with anxiety because an amateur baker like me can screw it up so easily.  Also, the recipe called for a large pan, mainly so you can have thin layers of cake to stack on top of one another with the filling.  However, I didn’t have enough batter to sufficiently fill up the pan so by the time I took it out of the oven, it was over-baked.

A not-so-great Sweet & Salty Nut-Roll Tort

It tasted ok enough that my husband ate slices all during the week.  But, I am determined to keep on trying & make many more delicious boozy treats.  I might even invite the Kathies by to judge my efforts.