Thoughts From a Bike Ride

Fall in definitely in the air here.  It’s about 60 degrees & there’s a chilly breeze.  Since I’m in the last days of my vacation this week, I took the bike out & decided to think about the past few days.  First, I have to say though, I’m so glad I spent some money on cold weather gear last fall.  I use Pearl Izumi & have yet to be disappointed.  Their balaclava is a life-saver for someone like me who often gets wind burn & fierce earaches from the cold.

Tonight my husband & I are off to see Marshall Crenshaw at the Birchmere.  This is part of his birthday that we’ve celebrated off & on all week.  I am super excited in particular mainly because the last time I saw Mr. Crenshaw perform, I didn’t know who he was.  He came to Ashland Coffee and Tea a few years ago & we went with friends.  The performance was good, but I was mainly there just to hang with the people I was with.  Then a few days later, my husband Kurt found me his greatest hits CD & I was hooked.

With fall being around the corner, I’m finally allowing myself to acknowledge the Halloween displays that have been up in stores since August.  But, I found two perfect little tchochkes at Mongrel in Carytown this week.  The first is Edward Gorey’s Fantod Pack rereleased by Pomegranate.

This “tarot” deck is a bunch of symbols in Gorey’s iconic style.  The archetypes include “The Urn,” “The Blue Dog,” “The Limb,” and “The Black Doll.”  It’s fucking adorable & I would love to use it to “read” people’s fortunes at a party or something.  The second thing I found was a raven votive holder.  This is why I love Richmond.

Perfect for your desk or bust of Pallas

Finally, I close with some writing projects.  My nonfiction seminar starts next week.  I’ll be leaving work early on Mondays & spending the rest of my day commuting to WriterHouse in Charlottesville.  Excitement, some nervousness, but ultimately I’m hoping this is will be a great opportunity to get some pieces I’ve been working on all spiffy & sparkly.

Also, I’ve decided to finish up a piece that I’ve carried around for years now.  I recently had an excellent conversation with one of my friends about life, God, writing, all that happy fun stuff.  Afterward, I just got this feeling that it was time to tie up this story.  Which, it’s about time, given some of the fragments have bounced around in my head for eight years or so.  That’s some gestation, no?


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