Apparently I Have Tourette’s Or Something

Classic example of when the internal censor fails:

I just got home from a movie night at one of my friends.  There had been lots of food, lots of bad movies to snark on & though I was still amped, I hadn’t seen my husband for most of the day.  Once he called to tell me he was home, I decided to leave to spend some time with him.

I left Guyver 2 for everyone to watch, because it is so awesomely bad.  As B, the host, & C, my bestie, walked me upstairs, I thought on my favorite scenes, the best one being David Hayter yelling out a line in his proto-Solid Snake voice.  I got to the top of the stairs & yelled out: “I want you to ANSWER me!”

Both of my friends turn around completely shocked.  The dogs, that had been brought in from outside, started making growling.  “Oh shit,” I said, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, it’s from the movie, I wasn’t thinking.”  B’s dad came out from the next room, following the worried dogs, & I started apologizing to him.  B & C laughed it off when it finally clicked what I was saying, but I couldn’t stop apologizing.  I was still embarrassed the whole drive home, biting my fingernails & apologizing to no one in the car with me.

So, B, if your parents say something to you, just tell them that you don’t have me over much because of my extreme Tourette’s & inability to function socially.

(Turns out it wasn’t even the right line anyway.  00:22)