Something Something In Stride

Got another rejection notice for a piece I had submitted today.  (It was electronic, else I would have posted a picture, like last time.)  I was expecting it actually.  When you don’t get a response for five months, you tend to start thinking on the negative side.  Or at least I do.

It stings but I’ve served co-editor on a few lit journals, both in high school & in college.  I know that the selection process is not always a pure one.  There are pieces you accept to pad the issue, just as there are things that you reject because, while they are good, they just don’t fit.  I’d like to think my notice is the latter.  Because when I allow myself to mope & take the rejection personally, I have to remind myself that I do have friends that would tell me to my face if my writing sucked serious ones.

Anyway, whoever dares, wins, right?


2 thoughts on “Something Something In Stride”

  1. I recently wrote a piece for a class that I’m interested in having published. Having never before done this, how do I go about submitting it and to whom should I submit it to?

    1. Hi, Dan, thanks for your comment. The publishing process is something I’m still learning myself, but I can tell you what I do. I take whatever piece I have & I try to find a home for it by researching different publications. If it’s a fictional piece, I study up on the various literary journals & try to see what their interests are. ( has a thorough listing to start from.) If it’s a non-fiction piece with a certain angle, I try to find magazines or other trade publications that focus on that topic. Finally, the best thing is to be part of a writers’ group or to go to conferences. These are great places to make contacts & talk to people who are interested in the same thing you are. I wish you the best of luck!

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