My Russian Spring

So, as I mentioned recently, my schedule at work has undertaken a less-than-ideal change.  I’ll be working mandatory overtime until June 1st.  While there will be plenty of grueling days, I don’t think I’ll be required to live in my office building.  Yet.

I’m trying to stay positive, but the reality is that while I may be making good money, there won’t be much time to do much of anything.  Posts here will be delayed, but I’m getting creative at coming up with ways to distract myself from my unhappy situation.  When I told my best friend that the overtime had kicked in, she told me that she was going to pretend that I was traveling in Siberia to pick up the mangled body of a distant relative.  Since that sounded like a Rule #1 challenge, I thought, Hell with it, I’ll pretend too.

So, I plan on writing short fictions for the next few months, describing my journey to Siberia as Mina Bayless, a student traveling to claim the body of her dead father.  I’ll be writing them as my little mental vacations from my unreal work schedule.  They may not be posted too often, but we’ll see how it works out.  Enjoy & as an intro, “Russia” by Ramona Falls.