Thoughts on Meeting a Really Famous Person

First, you think it will be like something out of a book or a movie.  Something someone else had already imagined.  A phrase turns your ear or a look between two strangers carries enough weight that you think you can decode.  You think, Yeah, that’s it.  That’s what it will be like. Something poetic or evocative, something that will make a good story.

Then, you think, No, no, I’ll be different.  I’ll be quiet & pay attention & find some little place to sneak in & make an impression.  We may not talk for long, but afterward, they’ll think, yeah, there was that one, there was something about them.

Then you remember your shitty real life jobs.  The people who take up all your time talking, some who are full of how clever or intelligent they are.  Others who grab your arm or trespass against you physically for their own reasons.  Others who intimidate you to get you to do what they want.  Remembering how it is such a relief to get to the other side & have time & space all to yourself.

You think about this & think maybe it’s better that the stars are out of reach.