Today’s Turnaround

I really did not want to go to fiddle practice today.  Work had worn me down & I just wanted to go home, bike myself into exhaustion & be a vegetable for the rest of the night.   But, my conscience told me that it would be a waste of another person’s time if I canceled so late for no real reason.  So, I went, but I was very sulky about it.

I get off work a good hour before my lesson & that time is really mine.  No one is with me, no one needs me for anything, I’m too list-oriented to think I can get any real sort of errand done.  The question of what to do with my time gets interesting.  Today, I decided, what the hell, it was a nice day, I’d go hang out in the park.  For no good reason at all, once I got there, I decided to play, right there in the open.

It was a bit of a thrill actually.  I tuned quickly & then just played the some of the songs I knew.  I played for the skateboarders, for the couple on the bench & the passing cars.  My playing wasn’t its best, but it wasn’t terrible either.  I didn’t play long at all; I think I stopped after about 7 minutes.  I really just wanted to see what the experience would be like.  It definitely wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

Then, the lesson itself went well.  Steve & I were trying to noodle through one of Tchaikovsky’s easier waltzes, when he stopped & said, “You are going to be a great violinist, woman!”  Apparently, he was impressed with my bowing.  I blushed & really didn’t know what to say, but was very grateful.

Then, afterward, I drove home playing “Vissi d’arte” as loud as my car speakers could stand.  ‘Coz that’s how I roll.  A good close to the day.