Checking In

So, what I really should be doing is finishing a new essay I’m working on.  Instead, I’m writing a blog post on how I should be writing something else.  Productive, isn’t it?

I will talk a little more freely about this piece than I have on others.  This is a much more informal project, just a reflection on someone I used to work with & how their interest in Vargas girls led me onto thoughts about gender & the essence of attraction.

Yeah, sounds really basic, huh?  But compared to the last essay that I put to bed, this is a bit of a cakewalk & lets me remember some good times with people I don’t see anymore.  The funny thing about writing the piece is that I wonder if my former co-worker will ever see it.  (I tend to doubt it.)  But on the off-chance he does, will he remember me?  Or dislike my version of the events?  Or maybe he’ll just think, “Oh, that sounds a bit like me.  What a weird coincidence.”

It won’t stop me either way.  I just wonder occasionally if the people I think about ever think back on me.