A Partial List of My Reasons to Write

(Better ones than these, at least)

  • So I can write the prose equivalent of how Elliott Smith’s “Pitseleh” makes me feel.
  • To talk about where I grew up: how the land feels like a weight I can’t put down but also how I crave what certain places make me feel.
  • To show how trash in a field at dusk can be beautiful.
  • To make it snow or rain whenever I wish.
  • To put back into the world what other writers have inspired in me.
  • To figure out why I can hurt so much over a stranger’s death.
  • To balance the weaker or worse sides of my nature.
  • To have an excuse to slip into other people’s lives or try a new persona on for size.
  • To forgive what others have done to me.  To forgive myself.
  • To figure out if it’s realistic to believe that justice can be accomplished in this world.
  • To explore the idea of a sin-eater.
  • To imagine what it would take for Judas to be redeemed.
  • To honor St. Brigid.
  • Because I love working with my hands.
  • Because the sight of my own handwriting calms me.
  • Because I want to make something of quality, even if I don’t get recognition for it.
  • But recognition would be nice.
  • Because I want to be friends with (insert author here).
  • Because it’s better than my office job.
  • Because I believe that the only way to get through life is committing to full awareness of the world & writing will keep me honest (I hope).
  • Because I’m not a great storyteller but I’d like to be.
  • Because it’s cheap therapy.
  • Because it’s cheap self-torture.
  • Because I want to know if the devil or divinity are in the details.
  • Because I want to tell people, places & things “I love you” without saying the words.
  • Because I have the faculties, intelligence, sound mind & privilege to.
  • Because I want to.
  • Because I want to prove to myself I have something to say.