Inbetween Days


Window Display in Culpeper


I have a couple of other blog posts planned, but they are a bit long & I haven’t finished them.  So, this is sort of an in-between post, not really about anything.  But, I need to write something so I don’t fall into a Swamp of Despair.

Even though I’ve fallen a bit behind on blogging schedule this week, my hands haven’t been totally idle.  Today is the first day that I’ve actually felt the calluses on my fingertips when I touch something.  Even now as I hit the keys on my keyboard, I can feel the small indented v’s that come from fingering the strings of my violin.  Practice must be paying off a bit.

I worked on the Flannery Essay this week & hopefully completed it.  Actually, it better be completed because I can’t work on this piece any more.  I felt woozy & unhappy to visit it again, so after some technical tightening up, it’s getting sent off.  Time for it to grow up & leave home.

(Actually, I just went back & read that old post & it says essentially the same thing I just typed above.  Oh golly.)

Ok, ok, a happier note. . . I took a lot of great pictures this week while I was on vacation.  The one at the beginning of this post is from that series.  I’ll probably be putting them up on my Flickr page instead of Facebook.  I like Flickr; I don’t get to use it often enough though.  I think it’s time to play.

Anyway, that’s about it for this scintillating, exciting post.  Stay tuned, better posts to come.  🙂


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