Another Borders Story

I began working at Borders a few weeks before the Bush-Gore elections.  I worked overnight stocking the shelves, so we had the radio on all that night, listening to the results as they came in.  And were delayed.  But before that, a bunch of us were in the break room talking about the election.  How this one seemed different, more dicey, unsure of the outcome.

One of my co-workers S was talking about going to the polls.  He was trained in law enforcement & was between jobs as a cop.  He was a former Marine & was damn proud to vote.  He was talking about how important it was to him to cast his ballot.

This was the first election, in my memory, where people my age really made an effort to get out to the polls.  So as S is talking about going to the polls, others are chiming in, saying they went & even mentioning who they voted for.  Those who didn’t get out to vote, S jumps on their shit but good.

So M, seeing that S is on a roll, says, “Well, I didn’t vote.  I can’t.”

S says, “What are you, a felon?”

“Yes,” M said, “I am.”