Slow News Day

I’ve written two blog posts for this past weekend & trashed both of them.  It’s not that I didn’t have something to say; I just didn’t like how I was saying it.  So, here’s something off the cuff, mainly because I don’t want it to be another two or three weeks between posts.

I’m sending off my registration for this year’s James River Writers conference tomorrow.  I’m doing it to get myself out of a funk.  Two weeks ago, I was really excited about two projects I was working on & neither of them panned out the way I wished.

So, basically, last week, I wallowed.  The two blog posts I wrote were just verbal wallows.  This post itself may end up being a wallow, but whatever, just as long as I get something down.

The conference itself, however, is my Prozac.  Whenever I go, even if the panels may be somewhat uneven, I always feel really great afterward.  Yes!  A whole group of hopefuls just like me!

Talking about writing & hearing encouraging advice puts me back in a “can-do” head space.  JRW was where I first heard Hampton Sides talk, where I realized just how deep the roots of a community can affect a local writer (Dean King, Howard Owen, etc.)  It’s where I freakin’ met Don Mancini.  Yes, that Don Mancini.  (Which means I was, like, one vicarious step away from Brad Dourif, OMG, squee!.)

Ok, so, to recap: mope mope mope conference writing ambition BRAD DOURIF! don’t quit.  Or something.  Yeah, this was productive.  🙂