Research Day

Right now I’m loading up my player with the following albums:

  • Debussy’s La Mer
  • Debussy’s Preludes
  • Debussy’s Images
  • NIN’s Ghosts I-IV
  • NIN’s Still
  • NIN’s The Fragile

I’m currently researching a piece on the musical similarities between Debussy & Trent Reznor.  Right now, the beginnings of my research are a lot like when I set out to write the article on Salvador Dali’s stay in Caroline County.  I have one big idea that I want to know more about, but I have no idea really what I want to accomplish.

One of the more difficult aspects I’ve run into is the music theory.  I’m a blank slate when it comes to tonality or the sonority of the instrument or ways to manipulate sound to create aural atmosphere.  I can read music (badly), I can tell a sharp from a flat, I can differentiate keys & how the way notes strung together are meant to be played.  I know the difference between “largo” & “allegro”.  & that’s about it; it’s pretty ABC.  Anything else kind of makes my head hurt.  (Though fiddle lessons might give me another way to understand.)

So, for now, while I struggle to build more info on top of my shaky basics, I’m just going to spend the weekend listening to the music & seeing what layman connections I can make that way.  All things in time, I suppose, it’s not like my curiosity is going to go away that easily.