On the Clock

I had to work overtime this weekend.  My company is replacing the computer server & I had to come in & make sure our part of the system was working properly.  The long term benefit is the pay, of course.  The short time benefit?  I did something I haven’t done since I was very young, going into my mom’s school with her on break so she could work in the classroom alone.

I ran laps through the empty building.

I pushed myself to move as hard & as fast as I could so the only thing I could hear was the air I disturbed & my pulse.  I ran through the dark, narrow hallways past empty desks, gaping chairs & glowing copy machines.  Through spaces cut with file cabinets & cubicle walls.  The stairs I normally trip over in my heeled shoes I took two at a time.

Nothing could stop me.  No one could see me except for the security cameras.  I didn’t care.

Do you know how much fun that was?


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