Vanity: An Update On Me

It was my turn to post this week on the writing blog I’m sharing, so I’m a little blogged out right now.  But, some news about me, just to stay in the habit.  (Also, so Justin can’t hold anything over me, ha ha.)  🙂

I finished the piece I mentioned a few months ago & turned it in to Virginia Neighbors magazine.  It’s an article about Salvador Dali’s brief stay in Caroline County during WWII.  It’ll be running in January; I believe the mag comes out January 1st.  So, pick up lots of copies & support the mag because the editor has demanded more pieces from me.  Now, I just have to come up with some ideas.

The book review for The Original of Laura is up & linked on the review page.  I mentioned it awhile back as well.

Also, someone could have warned me that the people taking the payments for my student loans are complete fuckers.  Not only did I send off two checks totaling over 14,000 dollars before the due date of my first payment, there was still interest to pay on the accounts.  When I asked to pay over the phone (just to get it over with, seriously, I hate being in debt), I was charged an additional 20 dollars, 10 per each account.  Doing the right thing will never get you anywhere.

End vanity post.


2 thoughts on “Vanity: An Update On Me”

  1. Awesome news about the editor asking for more work from you.

    And yes, student-load folks are fuckers. And yes, they do charge extra to pay over the phone. Asshats.

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