No More Scraps

So, awhile back, I made the goal to post scraps of my writing here on the blog.  Posted rules & everything.

Well, you may or may not noticed, but I’ve missed the past few weeks.  Yes, I’ve been slack-ass & not stuck to the goal.  But, on the up-side, I’ve cooked up a project with a friend of mine & we’ll be sharing a blog where we’ll both write.

I don’t want to share it just yet (we’re still getting it off the ground), but I will say I’m excited.  I imagine this is what it must be like to have a running buddy or a tennis partner, someone who gives you that nudge to get out there & “just do it”.  Well, I’m ready.

So, while I may post the occasional scrap & follow a few of the old rules, this will no longer be the main space to post my creative writing.  Which just brings us back to square one, doesn’t it?  🙂