Scrap: The Artist Packs A Suitcase

In preparation for my trip to Santa Fe.  Leave no room for expectations.

  • the Eye with all of it’s lenses (gender, creed, race, place, age, experience) & imperfections (mortality, morality, blind spots, bias, heartache, innocence or a lack thereof)
  • the simplest, most portable tools of your art.  Anything you don’t mind being dirtied, broken, stolen, scuffed up, dropped in a pot of coyote stew, burnt by the sun or an accidental fire, torn at the seams, used as a pillow.  Don’t be afraid to improvise if your materials are inadequate.
  • a phrasebook in whatever language you are most proficient.  An item meant to translate the world to yourself.  Entries can be ways to render things: lake – As placid as, Covered with scum that buoys trash, Divorced from the rivers/from the sea, HOMES, Unbroken mirror of the land, etc.  Entries can be past encounters of a phrase that allow you to deepen a new encounter: Rings in the red bricks in front of Thomas Wolfe’s home connect to the smooth red brick in the Historic District back home, connect to the two-part lids of empty Mason jars on a shelf in a craft store, connect to a play-bar hung with round mirror flowers stretched over a baby’s grave.
  • Pins, labels & frames.  All meant to capture & present the best specimens of your trip.
  • Emergency numbers for the shrink, the guru, the father confessor & the muse.  In every case, you will probably get their answering service.
  • A fetish, an ikon, a charm, a rosary, worry beads, tarot cards.  Something to keep the hands busy in times of doubt.
  • A grounding force: something to tell you where you are, where you’ve been & to remember the ground beneath your feet.  Possibilities include guardian angels, good fairies, wise animal companions.  For the inconspicuous, a mere journal will do.
  • A knife, matches, a thermos of water, a compass.  Practical items that can double symbolically in case you need to pray to the 4 directions.
  • A dram of your strongest intoxicant in a small green apothecary’s bottle.  In case things go horrible wrong & you need a moment of oblivion.
  • A luxury or two that allows you to enjoys your skin & thrill at the new places you’re taking it.  Like broken-in Chucks, a silver ring, a bottle of wine, unfiltered cigarettes.
  • The intent to experience as much as you can.
  • A pure heart.