Scrap: Prayers for Rain

This scrap comes from Room To Write, from the exercise called “Prayer”.  Here is the first paragraph:

Writing is a form of prayer.  Even if you don’t believe in a higher being, writing is a prayer because it is a practice in words of offering, adoration, supplication, complaint, thanksgiving, and entreating.  And, like a prayer, writing follows a form.

Here is what I wrote:

My Lord—today I thank you for the rain.

I thank you for the dark wet earth beneath the leaves lacquered & moist from the fall.

I thank you for the grey sky & for my sight that allows me to see how the light will fade from the clouds or break upon the shadows.

I thank you for the thick embrace of the trees:

My back against the bole,

The bark beneath my palms,

My face to the pale undersides of the leaves,

My brow wet with the stray drop allowed in under this shelter, O Lord.

I thank thee for the silence, O Lord, for the hush beneath the cover of rain.

The silence where all creatures are still & listen to the fall, waiting for their senses to tell them how violent the rain may become.

If they must flee & seek other cover.

If they may rest & wait for a lull.

I thank you that I have not known violence in a storm.

That despite hurricanes & downed trees & close calls with lightening, I have known no fear.

In these moments, I have been stripped of worry & petty concerns to feel only joy—awe.

I pass a field beaded with rain,

Thick with yellow grass & brambles,

Strewn with bleached bits of trash;

My heart is glad.

A branch smears my side with water & soil; I am renewed.

I ask thee only for the ability to appreciate Your work & for the clarity of thought to remember this moment, O Lord.

I say these things in Your name & with love: Amen.