Ah, me

Behind on the blog posts once again.  Oh Elizabeth. . .

So, my organizing/purging project for my study (that I “started” after graduation) is ongoing.  I was going to blog about my progress when I thought, “Lord, that is boring, who would care?”  Which touched off a particularly difficult line of thought.  I have this blog that I could be doing so much more with but don’t.  Mostly because I’m anxious about who may be reading or how much I want to share.  I mean, seriously, the internet is a wonderfully wide anonymous world but I know (& now you do too) that my mother reads this blog.  & call me old-fashioned & sheltered, but I was raised to acknowledge the idea that if I was doing something I wouldn’t want my mother to know, then the whole world shouldn’t be looking on either.

Or at least not where she can catch me.  🙂

Of course, a blog is the perfect forum for getting your own writing out there.  I’ve done that to an extent: posting my reviews, these posts, etc.  But one thing I’ve never had the courage to do is put my rough ideas & creative writing out there, unlike my friend Rax.  I’m something of a control freak (if you haven’t already noticed) & the idea of my naked mistakes out there for everyone to see does not appeal to me.  You have no idea how many times I go over my posts before I put them up & to even find one repeated word or redundant sentence makes me blush for the rest of the day.  Case in point: the 6 Short Films post.  The mistake is so obvious, I can’t bring myself to fix it or take it down for fear of someone calling me out.

But, on the other hand, if I am going to blog at least once a week, I might as well be productive.  I haven’t been able to make myself consistently sit & develop a piece even since leaving the structure of a classroom.  Writing is work & since I get enough labor at my job, it’s not something I rush to do when I get home, even if I do love it.  So, maybe I’ll start out with just scraps, writing exercises or scribbles until I can get myself on track.  With that said, a scrap inspired by Songs For the Butcher’s Daughter & Tiina Nunnally, among other things.


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