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The Secret of the Old Clock

The Secret of the Old Clock
The Secret of the Old Clock

Summary: Nancy’s first mystery begins after helping a young girl, Judy, avoid a fatal hit & run.  Judy’s impoverished aunts tell Nancy about their dead relative Josiah Crowley, who had once promised them a large amount of money.  However, his will has proved differently.  As Nancy finds other disillusioned relatives & acquaintances, she becomes determined to uncover the circumstances of the Tophams’ new fortune and find another will.

My Blather: I didn’t realize that these books were as long as they were.  This one clocked in at 180 pages.  It was a quick read with type that’s a little larger than usual, but still I was a little surprised.  There are a ton of smudges on the inside, I’m sure from being taken wherever I went to read.  I tried so many times to read the whole series & being a control freak, I always had to start from the first book.

Good Times: Life is rarely blue for Nancy Drew.  She never lets anything get her down:  Judy’s mild concussion, being knocked down by a defensive dog, being locked in a closet.  Even waiting for a clerk in a crowded department store doesn’t irritate her.  I wonder what Sylvia Plath would say to Nancy?

That Was Easy: While looking for a few of Crowley’s cousins in a remote part of the county, Nancy runs into a thunderstorm with her convertible top broken.  When she drives into a barn for shelter, she finds the very girls she was looking for.

I Am the Girl Anachronism: Nancy’s father Carson tells a legal anecdote involving “a Frenchman” & “a Chinese”.  Crowley’s grand fortune amounts to $100,000.

Lead By Example: When two careless girls tear a dress Nancy was admiring, she merely has it altered by the store tailor.  When Nancy is caught with some stolen property she was examining for clues, she confesses to her act, but not to the little blue notebook she found.


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